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Resistance Sensor

  • Resistance Fuel Sensor

    Capacitor motor oil level sensor combined capacitor sensor and liquid level sensor.The product not only contain the features of high precision measurement and maintenance-free, at the same time it doesn't influenced by temperature and medium.It can be automatically...

  • Resistant Fuel Sensor

    1. Technical parameter: Sensor length: 200~ 1500mm, any length available within this range Resolution: ≤1mm Wide range of power supply: DC10V ~ 32V Maximum operating current: < 15mA Working temperature: -40 ~ +85℃ Material of the tubes: Aluminum ally Application...

  • Resistance Liquid Level Sensor

    The entire sensor machine doesn't contain any elasticity or moving parts.Impact resistance, maintenance-free, long service life, easy installation,can be installed in various occasions.Accurate measure for gasoline, diesel oil, hydraulic oil level and other...

  • Resistance Fuel Level Sensor

    The equipment can be used cooperatively with GPS vehicle positioning terminal and other terminal to make vehicle positioning and fuel consumption management system.It can evaluate the usage of the vehicle and the driver's driving level,monitor gas up situation of...

  • Resistant Fuel Level Sensor

    resistant fuel level sensor is according to the principle of capacitance, using rf capacitor jump to change measuring technology to realize the measurement of height of liquid. Output signal with high level change and continuous change, no...

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