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4 Camera Vehicle DVR

Parameter Sheet Search 4 camera vehicle dvr Query menu includes: Record, Log and Picture, camera vehicle dvr Video Search Green color display indicates current day and time exist video file “Search Date”: Press the number key to enter date, default is current date. “Start Time”: Press the number...

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Parameter Sheet

Communication Interface

1CH RS232, support extension device, such as POS machine, Oil Feul sensor, LED advertising screen , etc.

1CH 485 interface, can connect PTZ,etc.

Wireless transfer

Support Built-in 3G/4G network, WCDMA,CDMA2000,TDD-LTE,FDD-LTE...

Support Built-in/External WIFI,Compatible with GPRS,EDGE


Support Built GPS/BD Module,can make playback analysis of vehicle routing


Support G-sensor


2pieces SD Card,each max 128GB SD Card, mirror recording to protect data from loss


Support USB flash disk  updating,SD card upgrade , OTA remote upgrade automatically

File Format

H.264 General video format

File System

Special FAT32 File System


Front panel supports USB port, support USB flash disk upgrade to backup; hard disk box USB port, can back up video data

Video Search

Search video by Record Time/Record Type etc


4 camera vehicle dvr Query menu includes: Record, Log and Picture,

4 camera vehicle dvr983.png 


camera vehicle dvr Video Search

4 camera vehicle dvr1023.png 

Green color display indicates current day and time exist video file

“Search Date”: Press the number key to enter date, default is current date.

“Start Time”: Press the number key to enter date, default is 00:00.

“End Time”: Press the number key to enter date, default is 23:59.

“Record Type”: Press the [OK] button to select the query type: All videos \Alarm recording. Default is All videos.

“Storage Media”: Press the [OK] button to select: all disks, disk 1, disk 2.

“Search”:Move the cursor to “Search” button, press the [OK] key to enter the search results interface.

4 camera vehicle dvr1610.png 

Press the arrow keys to select the video you want, press the 4 camera vehicle dvr1698.png keys to quickly flip, press 4 camera vehicle dvr1755.png to turn to first page or last page, press the play button to play the video, press [ESC] key to return to the previous menu。

Press the arrow keys to select “Home”, “Previous”, “Next”, “Last” and press [OK] button to display the next page information.

Client Software FAQ

Q:4 camera vehicle dvr Device working but can not see Vehicle and video on client software

A: 1)Check if Center Server running and device Number if using;

2)Check Server IP and Port parameter setting;

3)Check is using 3G or WIFI for connecting, if 3G check the 3G Model WCDMA or EVDO and related SIM card,3G antenna connect normally/APN setting/Center No. setting;

If it still can not work,please offer the most detailed information to us for technical support

Q:Device Online but can not see video

A:1)Please set Low Sub-stream,when sub-stream set high it will effect the transmission because of the network;

2)Network environment not good;

Q: Device works well in the Client, but cannot see the video a period time later.

A:1.Check if connect to server successfully on device, if dialing probably SIM Card no 3G Flow,change another SIM card for testing;

2.Check if Device Number be changed,if yes,need add device to server again;

3.If still can not view video after previous 2 steps,please check if 3G module error;


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