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HDD Mobile DVR

Parameter Sheet Instruction: Remote Controller Power Cable Connection This MDVR use DC power supply, Wide operating range8 to 33V ★ Use ignition switch to control video record delay time working Red wire connect positive of the car battery, black wire connect negative,while yellow...

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HDD Mobile DVR

Parameter Sheet

Video Quality

0-7 levels, 0 is the highest level, 7 is the lowest level.

Video Standard

PAL: 100f/s , CCIR625 line,50field;

NTSC: 120f/s, CCIR525 line,60field;

CIF: 256Kbps ~ 1.5Mbps, 8 level video quality optional;

HD1: 600Kbps ~ 2.5Mbps, 8 level video quality optional;

D1: 800Kbps ~ 3Mbps, 8 level video quality optional;

720P: 4Mbps-6Mbps, 8 levels video quality optional

Record Mode

The default setting is auto recording after power on. Timed recording, alarm trigger recording and manual recording are supported.

Audio Input

4CH ,Aviation Plug

Audio Output

2CH,Front port is earphone port ,rear port connects to BNC connector. The output level: 1V - 2V


G.726 compression, 8KB/s speed

Alarm Input

8CH IO Alarm Input, 1CH AD input, pulse speed input; Support alarm linkage function

Alarm Output

2CH Relay Alarm Output, Support the linkage acousto-optic alarm, cut off fuel oil/power,etc

Communication Interface

1CH RS232, support extension device, such as POS machine, Oil Feul sensor, LED advertising screen , etc.

1CH 485 interface, can connect PTZ,etc.


Remote Controller





Power and Standby Button,Reserved



To endter system setting


Number Key

【0-9】Key:In the setting mode,0-9 is uses to selecet the number of menu items.In playback mode,the keys to select single channel playback.


Delete Button


Multi Channel Display Button,press this button can switch between multi channels and single channel display


Direction button,When Operating menu, press this button to move cursor.


Exit button,


Forward buton,In play mode,Press this button to select 2/4/8/16 times speed to play forward .


Rewind buton,In play mode,Press this button to select 2/4/8/16 times speed to play backward.


Stop button




In normal mode, press this button enter play mode directly

Power Cable Connection

This MDVR use DC power supply,  Wide operating range8 to 33V

Use ignition switch to control video record delay time working


Red wire connect positive of the car battery, black wire connect negative,while yellow wire connect independent ignition switch or independent positive.

★ Do not use ignition switch to control video record delay time working(Office Test also using this mode)


The red and yellow wire connect together to connect the battery positive,Black wire to connect the battery negative .

3G Wireless Module related FAQ

Q:If using 3G ,what should we concern?

A:1)Choose inside wireless module WCDMA,EVDO,TD-SCDMA, relative module setting is different then SIM Card is different, please make sure the module is corresponding with the SIM Card.

2)If Server IP & Port set correct,if 3G signal strong for dialing;3G dialing successfully or not;

3)Check 3G Antenna connection,dialing will be failed if 3G signal too weak;

4)Check SIM Card 3G Flow

Q:When meet device offline or no video,what should be done first?

A:1)Press INFO key to enter the system Info page,check if SIM Card exist,3G signal and dialing status,Antenna connection,Check SIM Card 3G Flow,change to a new SIM Card check again;

2)3G Signal strong but dialing fail,check if center IP & Port set correct;

3)Check if Device ID already be occupied;

Q:3G Signal is intermittent, video get stuck ?

A:At present, signal coverage of the WCDMA and EVDO is very wide, but still there are some mountain area signal is weak, this will influence. Then check if the frame rate in Sub-stream setting is too high.

Q:WIFI Signal 60/100,connect failure;

A:General condition, connection is no problem when the signal intensity up to 60/100 if WIFI setup are right. If the device can not be found in LAN, then you should check if setting SSID and password, IP Address, besides, check the Encryption Type and authentication mode if setting according to requirements.

Client Software FAQ

Q:Device working but can not see Vehicle and video on client software

A: 1)Check if Center Server running and device Number if using;

2)Check Server IP and Port parameter setting;

3)Check is using 3G or WIFI for connecting, if 3G check the 3G Model WCDMA or EVDO and related SIM card,3G antenna connect normally/APN setting/Center No. setting;

If it still can not work,please offer the most detailed information to us for technical support

Q:Device Online but can not see video

A:1)Please set Low Sub-stream,when sub-stream set high it will effect the transmission because of the network;

2)Network environment not good;

Q: Device works well in the Client, but cannot see the video a period time later.

A:1.Check if connect to server successfully on device, if dialing probably SIM Card no 3G Flow,change another SIM card for testing;

2.Check if Device Number be changed,if yes,need add device to server again;

3.If still can not view video after previous 2 steps,please check if 3G module error;

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