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    HDD MOBILE DVR RJ45 Interface Introduction: Four Channel Video input GPS Antenna interface 4G or 3G Antenna interface Wifi Antenna interface Power interface VGA interface USB Interface I/O interface RJ45 Interface Funtions: HDD DVR supports 1TB HD Disk or 128G SD card. 4...Read More

  • 4G WIFI Mobile DVR

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    4G WIFI Mobile DVR

    4G WIFI Mobile DVR Main Functions: Support HDD Disk and SD Card Store video data. 1CH to 4CH Cameras 3G or 4G Module DC9V to DC36V Voltage Input 8CH IO Alarm input and 1CH AD input Support G-sensor WIFI and GPS function(optional) RS232 and RJ45 Interface (Optional)...Read More

  • Vehicle Mobile DVR

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    Vehicle Mobile DVR

    when power failure occurs,even can for 10-15s. Ø Flame out Time-lapse Video Recording Function ( Highest support long delay time 24 hours.) Ø Auto Recording,Time Recording,Alarming Recording Modes for Different Request. Ø Display...Read More

  • HD Mobile DVR

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    HD Mobile DVR

    8CH MDVR Back Panel items introduction : Audio/Video Interface The 4CH MDVR support channel AV1~ AV4, it’s Video&Audio Input interface use 4 Pin aviation plug, and the 8CH MDVR support channel AV1~ AV8, it’s Video&Audio...Read More

  • HDD Mobile DVR

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    HDD Mobile DVR

    Parameter Sheet Instruction: Remote Controller Power Cable Connection This MDVR use DC power supply, Wide operating range8 to 33V ★ Use ignition switch to control video record delay time working Red wire connect positive of the car battery, black wire connect negative,while...Read More

  • Mobile DVR for Car

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    Mobile DVR for Car

    The recorder is DC power supply; please attention the positive and negative polar. 2. The voltage is 8V~36V.Do not insert voltage that beyond this range. Under low voltage the recorder doesn’t work, under high voltage will be harm to the...Read More

  • Mobile DVR with WiFi

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    Mobile DVR with WiFi

    Instruction: “Password Enable”: You can enable or disable password authentication to access the menu. Modify or setup password of users and the administrator by remote control. **** ADMIN Pass : 111111, USER Pass : 000000 ****Read More

  • 4g Mobile DVR

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    4g Mobile DVR

    Parameter Sheet Instruction: This manual is to setup the code stream and definition of video channel. “Enable”: open or close the channel of pre-recording function, press [OK] key to select. “Resolution”: CIF, HD1, D1 and 720P resolution for choosing, press [OK] key to...Read More

  • 4 Channel Mobile DVR

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    4 Channel Mobile DVR

    Local Network Setup Device Local Network setup “IP”\”Mask”\”Gateway”\ “DNS1” \”DNS2”\”MAC”:IP,Mask,Gateway,MAC setting for LAN network testing. Attention: When net cable directly connect to the device, only can use 4PIN definition net cable...Read More

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