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GPS Antenna
Mar 15, 2018

GPS is a terminal that performs positioning or navigation by receiving satellite signals. The antenna must be used to receive the signal. The GPS antenna is divided into a built-in antenna and an external antenna. Earlier GPS handsets used flopped antennas. At this time, the antenna was basically isolated from the interior of the device. EMI did not affect it. The effect of star collection was very good. The GPS antenna has four important parameters: gain, standing wave, noise figure, and axial ratio. The vast majority of GPS antennas are right-hand-polarized ceramic media, and their components are ceramic antennas, low-noise signal modules, cables, and connectors.

GPS antenna principle structure:

At present, most of the GPS antennas are dextro-polarized ceramic media and their components are: ceramic antennas, low-noise signal modules, cables, and connectors.

The ceramic antenna is also called passive antenna, dielectric antenna, PATCH, which is the core technology of GPS antenna. The signal reception capability of a GPS antenna depends largely on the ingredients of its ceramic components.

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