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Multifunction Industrail GPS Tracker

Parameters: instruction Multifunction industrail GPS tracker Product Description 1.Terminal dimensions small, waterproof, easy installation; 2.GPS positioning accuracy, dynamic positioning deviation is less than 5 meters; for GSM SMS and voice function under, GPRS state of UDP / TCP...
  • Parameters:


    Chargeable changeable 3.7V / 1.2Ah Li-ion battery

    Standby work current

    < 30mA

    Storage Temp.

    -40°C to +85°C

    Operation Temp.

    -20°C to +70°C


    5%--95% non-condensing


    Begin123456  Begin ok

    Add Number

    Admin123456 13612345678  Admin ok

    Delete Number

    Noadmin123456 13612345678 Noadmin ok

    Change password

    Password123456 138138 Change password ok

    Resume password

    Resumepassword Resume password ok


    Multifunction industrail  GPS tracker Product Description

    1.Terminal dimensions small, waterproof, easy installation;
    2.GPS positioning accuracy, dynamic positioning deviation is less than 5 meters; for GSM SMS and voice function under, GPRS state of UDP / TCP protocol communications; for GPS data uploaded regularly and named functions for silent features
    6.Remote monitoring capabilities to support authorized
    7.Support the acquisition and high voltage, low voltage protection
    8.Support 3-way high-, low level signal detection
    9.Support blind transfer function up
    10.Car remote lock function
    11.Support the emergency alarm
    12.Support power-off alarm function (built-in backup battery)
    13.Support for high-pressure alarm and under voltage alarm
    14.Speed alarm function support
    15.Support the parking alarm the illegal open, illegal start alarm
    17.Support the fatigue driving function
    18.Statistical functions to support mileage
    19.SMS alarm notification
    20.Built-in 16MB Flash, can save 30 thousand blind track data

    Multifunction industrail  GPS tracker Already insert it:

    Multifunction industrail  GPS tracker1585.png


    14. Multifunction industrail  GPS tracker Auto track

    Send SMS “at30sum5 to the unit, it will reply “Auto track set ok.” and report a Geo-info at 30 seconds intervals for 5 times:  The max intervals is 65535 seconds. You can send at30sum0 for heaps of times.

    Send“noat123456” to the tracker, it will reply “Cancel auto track ok.”. And the tracker will stop send messages.

    15. Modes switch between track and monitor

    The default mode is “track”. Send SMS “monitor + password” to the unit, and it will reply “monitor ok!” and switch to “monitor” mode. For example send SMS: “monitor123456”. In this mode, you can monitor tracker by call tracker card number.

     Send SMS “tracker + password” to the unit, it will reply “tracker ok!” and restore to “track” mode. For example send SMS “tracker123456”. In this mode, you can get position SMS by call tracker.

    16. Modes switch between telephone and web

    Set up: Send SMS “web + password” to device. For example, the password is 123456. Send SMS “web123456” to the device, the device will reply SMS “set web ok”. After this, the tracker will report the GPS data to IP address.

    If you want to send GPS data to telephone, you can send SMS “telephone + password” to device, the device will reply “set telephone ok”. And then, the device will send GPS data to your telephone by SMS. (The default is sending the GPS data to the telephone)

    Multifunction industrail  GPS tracker2970.png 

    17. Modify IP address and port

    The IP address and port of the tracker can be modified and transferred data to other platform. Send SMS “ IP + ip address + PORT + port value to the unit. If the platform’s IP address and port is and 344, send SMS “ip” to the tracker. It will reply “set IP address and PORT ok.”. After this, device will send GPS data to this IP and Port.

    18. Set Device ID number

    This command uses only for GPRS communication. Default device ID is the same. In order to identify device for platform, must set device ID for every device. Send SMS “number + tracker  ID number to the tracker. For example “number13612345678”.

    19. Set APN

      In order to send GPS data to IP address, you still must set mobile network Access Point Name (APN). If you don’t know the APN, you can consult local network service supplier. The format of set APN is APN + password +space + apn value. For example you send SMS “apn123456 cmnet” to the device. The device will reply SMS “Set APN ok.” .

    22. Set ACC open and close send data interval

     You can set the interval of send data when ACC open and close. The format of set ACC open interval is “accon + time interval.  For example “accon 30” stand for when ACC open send data for every 30 seconds. The format of set ACC close interval is “accoff + time interval.  For example “accoff 60” stand for when ACC close send data for every 60 seconds.

    Multifunction industrail  GPS tracker4398.png 



    Q: Do you have any MOQ?
    A: Normal our MOQ is 500pcs or normal product .

    Q:How to ship the goods and make the payment?

    A:Regard the mass production,it is ship by sea or by air,depend on final decision.We accept T/T,L/C,D/A,D/P,Western Union or Money Gram for bulk order

    (30% deposit , 70% balance to be paid after inspection)

    Paypal is available as well for samples.

    Q: Do you offer guarantee for the products?  

    A:  We offer 1year free repair service after shipment if you could ship them to us for all digital product .

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