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Multifunction GPS

  • Multifunction GPS Tracker

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    Multifunction GPS Tracker

    Parameters: Instruction: 1 . Make sure to read this manual carefully before using this product. 3 . Please make sure that all the cables of the tracker has been connected rightly, and then connect the tracker to host power. Must not install or take down the tracker when...Read More

  • Multifunction Industrail Grade GPS

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    Multifunction Industrail Grade GPS

    Parameters: Instruction: 1 Start up Put the SIM card in place and installed the tracker in the car, the red indicator is on. About 40 seconds, the unit will begin to work and acquire the GSM signals as well as the GPS signals, and the red indicator will keep...Read More

  • Multifunction Industrail GPS Tracker

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    Multifunction Industrail GPS Tracker

    Parameters: instruction Multifunction industrail GPS tracker Product Description 1.Terminal dimensions small, waterproof, easy installation; 2.GPS positioning accuracy, dynamic positioning deviation is less than 5 meters; for GSM SMS and voice function under, GPRS...Read More

  • GPS Tracker with Camera

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    GPS Tracker with Camera

    Parameters: Instructions: GPS tracker with camera GPS&GSM Quad-band Real-Time Tracking & location And history Track playback ( use) Wide input voltage range: DC 9-24V Build-In vibration sensor, Smart Anti-theft External Loudspeaker, used In Phone calls or Alarms case...Read More

  • GPS Tracker with LCD

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    GPS Tracker with LCD

    Parameters: Instructions: GPS tracker with LCD Based on GSM / GPRS (850/900/1800 / 1900MHZ) wireless communication network and GPS satellite positioning system, a variety of ways to implement tracking, free monitoring center software, covering the global map, real-time...Read More

  • GPS Tracker with Video

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    GPS Tracker with Video

    Parameters Instructions: GPS tracker with video Setting the electronic fence can limit the operating range of the device. Once the device is running beyond the setting range, the device will automatically send the information back to the authorization number. GPS tracker with...Read More

  • Multifunction GPS Tracker Device

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    Multifunction GPS Tracker Device

    Parameters: Instruction: Multifunction GPS tracker device The following alarm function needs to be armed 1. Arming: Send SMS command "arm + password" to the device, the device receives the instruction, if the current state is already armed state, do not do any...Read More

  • GPS Tracker with SIMCOM

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    GPS Tracker with SIMCOM

    Parameters Instructions: 1) The power supply line is red and the black line is connected with the car 12V or 24V positive and negative. After inserting the SIM card, the switch will open and wait for the three indicators of the device to be steady (the flashing signal is...Read More

  • Fuel Sensor GPS Tracker

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    Fuel Sensor GPS Tracker

    Parameter Instruction: 1. fuel sensor GPS tracker Main Function Description - Support Android App and iOS App - Support SMS commands - Support real-time tracking - Support history track playback - Self-Defined GEO Fence - Smart ACC detection - Wide range input voltage from...Read More

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