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Container Tracker

  • Intelligent Container GPS Tracker Lock

    Intelligent container GPS tracker Lock This is a Intelligent lock designed for container, with GPS Tracking function, and lock function togather, there is a light sensation on the back of the lock, when the theft take off the lock, it will send alarm to the user immediately....

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  • GPS Tracker for Container

    Parameters Instruction Thank you for choosing the company's CA-P10 (3G) Lock tracker , please carefully read the instructions before operating. Please check the items in package with packing list, contact with the distributor when you found something leave out. GPS...

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  • Container GPS Tracker

    Parameters container GPS tracker Device Installation Before you start install the device, Please check the product you get with the packing list, if you have any problem please contact us or distributor in time. 5.1 container GPS tracker Prepare works CA-P10 lock tracker...

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  • GPS Tracker Used in Container

    Parameters instruction 5.4 Lock ON Just insert the lock wire into the hole, the lock hole will detect wire by AUTO, after been detect will be lock on, and device will beep once. 5.5 Unlock a. Unlock with RFID card Swipe the RFID card at RFID reader position for 1-3s, when you...

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  • GPS Tracker with Lock

    Parameters GPS tracker with lock Instruction: To make the device work on GPRS mode together the control center software system, we have to set some parameters to make the device know where and how to connect the server. The following parameters must be set before you use this...

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  • GPS Tracker with Lock Container

    Lock tracker combined with positioning, monitor and observe, the main applies to container, trucks and other transportation object location and tracking services. lock tracker fully supports the GPRS...

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  • Container GPS Tracker with Lock

    When: Device do not get correct position First time get position will take longer time (around 1~2 min), please drive to a wide area to get position. If it takes long time and do not get correct location, please check if the device install position is...

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