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Under Car GPS Trackers

Technical Parameter: under car gps trackers Instructions: Remote reboot: Through App to power off device. Remote power-off:Through App to power off device. It can’t remote restart when power off. Device message:List shows alert information of device. Alarm setting:Get the remind via APP when...
  • Technical Parameter:

    Normal work

    Light off

    GSM fault

    Light flashing, restart every ten minutes

    Emergency help

    Light on after pressing red button for 3 seconds 

    No power

    Light off and no sound when press the power button

    Real time tracking

    Waterproof GPS Tracker

    Track by time interval

    Remote engine cut off to stop vehicle (Optional)

    Track by distance

    SOS emergency alarm (Optional)

    angle interval

    Fuel consumption monitoring (Optional)

    Online Reports

    Engine ON/OFF alarm

    Geo-fence setting

    Speeding alarm / over speed report

    Sleep mode

    Check real address name

    Google Map link

    Monitor from online free tracking platfor

    under car gps trackers Instructions:

    Remote reboot: Through App to power off device.

    Remote power-off:Through App to power off device. It can’t remote restart when power off. 

    Device message:List shows alert information of device.

    Alarm setting:Get the remind via APP when alarm;

    Log out: Log out the APP, and never get the alarm remind via APP.

    Real-time call

    Press S button for 5seconds, then make SOS alarm, it will send SMS to master number, and then make call to SOS number 2 times in turn.

    Answer incoming call:

    Press S button will answer the incoming call, press power key will refuse the incoming call.

    under car gps trackers1250.png 

    under car gps trackers All functions also can set by SMS command.

    All command use in lowercase letters, without any blank space and ending by #.

    Command for setting master number:


    For example: pw,123456,center,180********#

    The tracker will reply: 180******** has been set for the master number successfully.

    4) View authorized number

    Text command



    View authorized



    Command Description

    This directive is used to view the equipment authorization number

    Command Feedback

    Successful Setting:

    Authorization 1:

    Authorization 2:

    Authorization 3:



    Text command



    APN Setting




    Command Description

    APN differs according to the local telecom operators.

    For example:APN request password,please refer to Sample1,and Sample2 for no password.

    Command Feedback

    Successful Setting:SET APN OK!


    under car gps trackers Remark:

    Please make sure the solar panel upward when used, otherwise the solar charger can't work .The tracker will boot automatically when it is charging. Put the tracker in network signal better position when use.

    In order to achieve the best effect, Please charge full the battery before use.

    Standby time : Upload location date every 10 minutes ,the standby time is 220 hours ,talking time is 15 hours (Actual test);2)Turn off APP and web platform function, the standby time is about 25 days. Note: Above test data is under the status of strong GSM network.

    This product is waterproof IP66, but still not suitable for soaking in the water or wear to swimming.

    Please do not open the case, So as not to affect the waterproof effect and loss the warranty rights.

    under car gps trackers2946.png 


    Click on the upper right corner “+”under main menu for setup geo-fence. Then the device will lock device’s present position as center automatically, then adjust the radius distance by “+” “-” on map (default radius is 100 meters, recommended radius is 500 meters) .Save settings by clicking “Save”. The device will send message when the device is out of the range.


    Setup admin number

    Click “admin number” and input the admin phone number. The device will send the alarm information to this number. The alarm information includes lower power alarm, Geo-fence alarm and other alarm.

    Setup emergency number

    The emergency number should be the number for emergency calls. Two emergency numbers can be set at most. The device circularly dials SOS numbers when pressing the SOS key . It will call the second number if the first number is not connected, then cycle continually.

    Setup working mode

    The device can setup GPS  data uploading interval in working mode settings, which it is related to the standby time of battery.

    1. Tracking every 60 seconds: Fast positioning mode and standby time is 36 hours.

    2. Tracking every 10 minutes: Standard positioning and standby time is 72 hours.

    3. Tracking every 1 hour: Power saving mode and standby time is over 120 hours.

    under car gps trackers4345.png 

    Other settings

    1. Device number

    User should input the phone number of SIM card in device here.

    2. Remote shutdown

    User can remote shutdown in device setting option.

    3. Device information

    It includes display device name, device number and duration of platform.

    4.Change password

    User can change the password of the device for safety reason.

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