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Satellite Car Tracking Devices

PARAMETERS: Instruction: satellite car tracking devices The tracker replied as below: <,pppp*U:yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy,uuuu*A:apn*N:13412345678*GP:V*CGREG:S*CSQ:B*AO:T1*AF:T2*CS:H*TH:00*GPS:N*ER:%> We use * to divide each part, use <> to stands for the head and the tail BSJ:...




    87 * 57 * 25 (mm)

    GPS chip

    SiRF4  chip

    GPS chip

    Ublox chip

    GPS sensitivity


    GPS accuracy

    5 m

    Time To First Fix

    0.1s - 45s 



    GPS connector

    Red metal

    GSM connector

    Silver metal

    Work Voltage

    DC  10 V-36V


    Chargeable changeable 3.7V





    Fuel sensor


    Temperature sensor





    satellite car tracking devices The tracker replied as below:


    We use * to divide each part, use <> to stands for the head and the tail
    BSJ: stands for the fixed format head

    T:TCP IP and port

    U:UDP IP and port

    A: stands for the APN parameter, such as CMNET

    N: stands for the terminal No.  such as 13800000000

    GP: stands for whether online, V=OK stands for online,V=NO stands for offline

    CGREG:stands for GPRS register status, S=1 or 5  stands for registered

    CSQ:stands for the signal intensity  B=0~31(31 the strongest signal) or 99( n signal)

    AO: stands for fixed time upload position data’s time interval when ACC open, T1=3-65535 unit: second

    AF: stands for fixed time upload position data’s time interval when ACC close,  T2=1-255  unit: minute

    CS: stands for over-speed threshold  H=0-255  Unit: km/h

    TH: stands for call limit

    GPS: stands for receiving satellite numbers  N=0-16

    ER: stands for the last error code of the car terminal

    3. satellite car tracking devices Wire for cutting off circuit of the tracker

    White wire connects relay pin 86; 85 pin to 12 V DC, 87 pin and 30 pin are in series power supply circuits. Caution: Wrong connection of yellow wire will damage the tracker.

    satellite car tracking devices1732.png 

    4. satellite car tracking devices Emergency triggering alarm

    satellite car tracking devices1802.png

    The blue wire connects the positive of the alarm button, and the black wire connects the negative of the alarm button.


    1. Global positioning

    2. Real-time monitoring

    3. Vehicle locating

    4. Timing tracking

    5. Cutting off power and circuit by remote control

    6. Vehicle rental / Fleet management etc

    Guarantee Item

    1.2months upon date of purchase,if there is function problem,we should offer the same item subject to goods and packing maintain perfect.

    2.1year upon date of purchase,we will guarantee to keep the goods in repair.(not including fittings)

    3.Guarantee service is subject to normally using.

    4.All of damage by man-made(tear open the housing,tear off the sticker,unnormally using),or losing this card,will not guarantee.



    Technology parameter:

    GPS chip SIRF4 chip

    GPS sensitivity -159dBm

    GPS accuracy 5m

    Time To First Fix Cold status 45s,Warm status 35s,Hot status 1s

    Build in Battery Chargeable changeable 3.7V 800mAh Li-ion battery


    Simply insert a GSM sim card into the GPS unit. Whenever you call the unit it will respond with the coordinates of its

    Location thru a SMS message. You can then use these coordinates on any mapping software (for example Google earth)

    Which will show where exactly the unit is located.
    With some little setup, you can also have the device to send the data directly to a computer thru GPRS and display its

    Location on a map with our bundled software for real-time location tracking.

    Track via SMS on your phone:

    Get one SMS including: Lat/lon, speed, time remaining battery power and a link by clicking which you will be leaded to a Google Map on your phone screen, you can clearly see where your tracking target is.

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