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Battery GPS Tracker

Battery GPS Tracker

Technical Parameter: I nstructions: Battery GPS tracker This tracker connects to platform server with TCP. The way for connection is that device connects to the platform server forwardly. After connecting to the platform server, the tracker will pass back a enrolling message. The enrolling...
  • Technical Parameter:

    GPS Module


    Working Voltage


    Working Temperature

    -20°C to +70°C

    Functions : ans

    Set the remove sensor ,0 is off;1 is turn it


    lights off when fully charged

    Real time tracking

    Waterproof GPS Tracker

    angle interval

    Fuel consumption monitoring (Optional)

    Sleep mode

    Check real address name

    GPS Chipset:


    Frequency Bands:

    GSM/GPRS 850/900/1800/1900MHz    

    Charge mode:

    Micro USB

    APP Language:

    Chinese/ Danish/ Dutch/ English/ French


    Battery GPS tracker This tracker connects to platform server with TCP. The way for connection is that device connects to the platform server forwardly. After connecting to the platform server, the tracker will pass back a enrolling message. The enrolling message contains the device’s ID. If the device received  the answer from the platform server, it will stop to sending enrolling message but send continuous feedback message. The continuous feedback message not contains the device ID. The platform server  binds  the  device  by  connection.  One  connection  represents  a device ID. When the connection cuts off, the device  will connect the platform server automatically and send out a device enrolling message. Beside, the  device will send out one hand-shaking message intervals of time. The hand-shaking message contains Device ID. After receiving the handshaking answer message from the platform server, the device waits for sending the handshaking message in next period.

    Battery GPS tracker1507.png

    Battery GPS tracker1508.png 

    NOTE: After the V1.8 agreement, the equipment issued in 12-bit serial number of data  packets into : 0 + 11-bit device number(Machine IMEI 11 bit), so that platforms do not need to bind the device depending on the connectivity, according to each packet in the device number to tie fixed equipment, platforms dealing with them will be simpler.


    Text command






    Command Description

    Restore the factory setting

    Only center number can initial this function

    Factory setting will recover to the original setting

    Command Feedback

    Successful Setting:FACTORY OK!



    Text command



    LANG Parameter



    LANG1#  1:CHINESE,


    Command Description

    ;When check the location, it will reply the Chinese location in Chinese language setting; while reply the URL link when in English language setting.

    Command Feedback

    Successful Setting:SET LANG OK!



    Text command






    Command Description

    Check the longitude and altitude  and other information of the device

    Command Feedback

    Reply with longitude and altitude, speed and IMEL.


    Q1: Battery GPS tracker  After inserting a SIM card, it can get SMS command, but it display logoff or offline on the platform and APP.

    A: Please check that SIM Card has GPRS data plan.

    Q2: Device show online, but it shows “wait for the device responses “when you set instruction with APP.

    A: a. Device signal is not good, so not smooth result of GPRS; b. Device is busy.

    Q3: Device is not enabled

    A: Please check:

    1. ID number have not been added to the platform, contact supplier for support.

    2. SIM card is not installed correctly

    Q4: Position is not accurate

    A: The device support two modes of positioning,

    GPS is mainly for outdoor positioning, the accuracy is around 10 meters,

    LBS is mainly for indoor positioning, the accuracy is around 100-1000 meters.

    Q5:Battery GPS tracker  Can I brand the items with our own logo/Brand?
     Yes, we do provide OEM & ODM service.

    Product Function:

    Positioning and tracking: to execute the positioning and tracing by the platform or the mobile phone, to get the terminal device operating state. The platform will be determined according to customer requirements;

    Over-speed alarm: You can start the alarm function by sending SMS (from mobile phone) to the terminal device. When the vehicle speed is over the setting speed,the device will send a alarm SMS to the administrator;

    Obtain longitude and latitude by mobile phone: you can obtain this position data of the vehicle installed this terminal device by the mobile phone;

    Set the positioning interval: can set the data transmission interval (from terminal device to the platform) by the mobile phone. You can also set the transmission interval by the platform, depending on whether the platform supports this function.

    ACC detection function;

    Can identify vehicle ignition state intelligently according to the vehicle battery voltage;

    Battery GPS tracker4526.png 

    Standard Package:

    Main unit 1PCS

    GSM antenna 1PCS

    GPS antenna 1PCS

    Microphone 1PCS

    Relay 1PCS

    Wiring 1PCS

    Additional Info.

    Production Capacity 5000PCS/Month

    More Specification Origin Guangdong

    Trademark TOPTEN

    Serial/Model No. TK108

    Standard CE, FCC, RoHS

    Packing Naturel Package

    Trade Terms

    Price/Payment T/T, Western Union, Paypal

    Shipping DHL/UPS/EMS

    Minimum Order 1piece

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