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3G GPS Tracker

  • 3G Vehicle GPS Tracker Terminal

    3G vehicle GPS tracker terminal Main Feature: 1, Internal 3G model, support WCDMA network 850/900/1900/2100 Mhz. 2, Support functions: Real time tracking, ACC detection, alerts, Stop car by cut off engine/oil. 3, Steady GPS signal. Currently, more and more countries stopped...

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  • 3G WCDMA Vehicle Tracker Terminal

    3G WCDMA vehicle Tracker terminal Specifications: ● 850/900/1900/2100 ● GPRS: CLASS12,TCP/IP ● Wide for voltage input range::9.5 – 39VDC ● Working currency : 20mA@12V ● GPS Location accuracy : 10m ( 2DRMS) ● Working environment temperature : -20 ~ 70degrees ● Working...

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  • 3G WCDMA GPS Vehicle Tracker

    3G WCDMA GPS vehicle tracker This 3G tracking device terminal model CA-V6-3G, is one of the most cost-effective tracker unit supply from China, with all basic fucntion, real time tracking, history tracking, ACC status reporting, Overspeed alert, power off alert, vibration...

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  • Real Time Automobile GPS Tracking

    Real time automobile GPS tracking CA-V1-3G Functions: Vehicle ACC status check, real-time positioning and tracking, playback of the driving history track, burglar alarm, over speeding alarm, vibration alarm, power off alarm, electronic fence, SOS emergency assistance, remote...

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  • GPS Remote Tracking

    GPS remote tracking CA-V1-3G GPS remote tracking Specification: GPS remote tracking Functions: 1, Monitor car in real time. 2, Send alert to users when there is a alert trigger (need pre-setup) 3, Mileage. 4, ACC detection. 5, Monitor fuel sensor (need buy fuel sensor) 6,...

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  • Tracking Device on Car

    Tracking device on car CA-V1-3G Tracking device on car, SPECIFICATION Tracking device on car Functions: 1. Tracking the vehicle in website based tracking Platform or the cell phone APP, or SMS command. 2. Triggering Emergency Alarm: When there is a emergency happened on the...

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  • Car Tracking Spy

    Car tracking spy CA-V1-3G Car tracking spy SPECIFICATION: Attention 1. Make sure to read this manual carefully before using this product. 2. Please insert the SIM card before installing, and make sure the SIM card has no password, otherwise the tracker will not work normally....

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  • Vehicle Satellite Tracking

    Vehicle satellite tracking CA-V1-3G Vehicle satellite tracking Set up: 1 Set administrator Send SMS “setadmin123456” to the device, it will make you as administrator number. Delete the administrator number from the administrator cell phone, it will be back to no...

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  • 3G Car GPS Tracking Device

    3G Car GPS tracking device CA-V1-3G 3G Car GPS tracking device CA-V1-3G, WCDMA network, 900/2100/850/1900mhz, industrial grade design, external GPS antenna, GPS signal is very good and steady. Features: Support real time tracking, history tracking, ACC detection and all kinds...

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  • 3G Real Time GPS Locator for Car

    3G real time GPS locator for car CA-V1-3G 3G real time GPS locator for car , Feature: Real time tracking, tracking history, ACC detection, alert, SOS, voice monitor, Fuel sensor, cut off engine. 3G real time GPS locator for car Installation Place: 1. the front windshield...

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  • 3G WCDMA Car Locating Device

    SPECIFICATION: Monitoring system to support a variety of terminals through the monitoring, including the PC and other clients, mobile terminals Support 3G WCDMA...

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  • Remote GPS Tracking Device 3G WCDMA

    About us: Shenzhen Cartracker Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional GPS TRACKER manufacturer, we are committed to GPS locator R & D and production since 2009, several products in the market have a good reputation, the products are exported to...

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